Our Fall 2013 Newsletter is out…


As the summer ends and we enter the fall season, Lutheran Housing Support has been able to accomplish some incredible things through the support of our stakeholders and donors. This August, we celebrated the completion of the first Nazareth Home – a model home located at 1524 E. College Avenue in St. Louis, MO. The first large-scale new housing development in the College Hill community in 40 years, Nazareth Homes will offer a true opportunity to stabilize and create lasting change for this historic community and its LCMS congregation, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

We are also incredibly blessed to have had the history of housing ministry recognized and commended by the LCMS National Convention in July with the passage of a special resolution: “To Commend the LCMS National Housing Support Corporation.” The text of the resolution and the story of its passage can be read later in the newsletter.

Finally, we have launched a brand new tool for prospective partners and stakeholders to engage with the corporation’s work – www.nationalhousingsupport.org. The culmination of nearly six months of planning and preparation, this new website offers a wide variety of tools, resources, and connections to our past, current, and future partners. Please read our Fall 2013 Newsletter by clicking the link (or the image to the right) to learn more about the incredible projects in which we’ve been engaged these last few months.

In His Service,

Nicole Ridley
Chief Executive Officer
LCMS National Housing Support Corporation