Customized Consulting Services


The LCMS National Housing Support Corporation regularly lends its housing development expertise to local organizations through customized consulting services. We focus on building relationships and local knowledge within our partners that facilitate the eventual creation of (or enhance the current work on) housing and community development efforts. Examples of consulting services include informal discussions regarding potential funding opportunities for community development work, organizing/facilitating meetings between community partners and organizations, planning out future action items and work plans, providing direct training resources to local congregations and pastors (via webinar or on-site workshops), and other similar training tools. These resources can be distributed in a variety of formats, both passive (online or written resources) and active (direct training and conversations with organizations). Typical methods of actively delivering these services include site visits, direct phone and e-mail conversations with served organizations, the provision of workshops, etc. All services are customized to the needs of the local communities where our partners are working.

As part of our technical assistance program, we also conduct community organization work in communities where projects are active (as preliminary work leading up to eventual construction and redevelopment). In the past, this service has manifested itself through the corporation contracting with an external community organizer to directly train up leadership in a target neighborhood. The LCMS National Housing Support Corporation will also contract with previously trained community leaders who will conduct similar trainings for residents in target neighborhoods. Contemporary community organization support, provided or facilitated by the corporation, is a regular component of a served organization’s eventual community development efforts.

The LCMS National Housing Support Corporation regularly serves as the primary national contact between its local partner organizations and national housing entities. We maintain and builds on these relationships to offer access to valuable development partners, training resources, and financial resources to local congregations, LCMS districts, and RSOs engaged in housing ministry. We also help to coordinate housing and community development services between regional and national LCMS organizations and local congregations. In addition to liaising with these groups, the corporation also maintains relationships with key institutional funding sources (i.e. large private foundations, corporations with a national footprint, and government agencies) on behalf of local groups. When the LCMS National Housing Support Corporation is invited into a community to offer technical assistance, it also brings along these pre-existing relationships with key funders and national project partners.

To learn more about how the LCMS National Housing Support Corporation can partner with your organization through any of these services or resources, please contact:

Nicole Ridley
Chief Executive Officer
800-248-1930 ext. 2822

Fred Kimbrough
National Project Director

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